Saturday June 24, 2023

Ga Greine

Ga Greine means sunbeam in Gaelic. It is a ray of sunshine and is the inspiration of hope for a new day and creativity from within. Ga Greine was formed in 2016, embracing the traditional Celtic music origins along with bluegrass. Abigail Baker is on fiddle bringing Ga Greine sounds of Cape Breton with double stops and tunes from Scotland and Ireland. She has been playing fiddle since age 3. Her mother, Deborah Yost, plays Irish flute and penny whistle along with Galician bagpipes. Charlie Stacey’s guitar and vocals bring to Ga Greine a refined sound and years of experience in playing in the Celtic genre. Ga Greine is a fresh new band that inspires to play traditional tunes with a fresh new twist that is sure to make you want to get up and dance!
Ga Greiene

Truckley Howe

Truckley Howe is an instrumental group that plays Irish traditional dance music: jigs, reels, polkas, hornpipes & airs. Band members are: Yvonne Holland (fiddle, guitar); Steve Martin (tenor banjo); Ed Webb (Irish flute and whistles); Patrick Dressen (guitar); Susan Vidal (whistle and cello) and Erick Morningstar (Bodhran). Truckley Howe performs tunes in the pure drop traditional style with minimal editing.

The Bowmaneers

The Bowmaneers: Shiela Lane (whistles, keyboard,cello and vocals), Elizabeth Lawyer (fiddle, vocals), Brittany Hinger (vocals, ukulele), Zach Phelps (guitar), and Linda Dolder (drum).

Westwind Pipes and Drums

Based out of Durango, Westwind Pipe Band draws its members from throughout the Four Corners.

Armored Combat

A club affiliated with the national organization, Armored Combat Worldwide, will be here to perform and entertain the fair goers. They wear traditional knights armor and use medieval weapons. This is full contact and very entertaining.